#2 Saare Yero Diao, Women’s Garden

Location: Saare Yero Diao, Kolda, Senegal

Community Description: Yero Diao is a small village of 170 people located in the south of Senegal, West of Kolda.  It was founded 32 years ago by Mr. Yero Diao himself. Yero in Pulaar (the local language) means example and Diao is a familiar last name.

The village’s primary sources of income are agriculture and silviculture. They grow veggies in the wet season and pick mangoes and cashews in the dry season. Yero Diao is about 15 k from the main road, 22k from Kolda and completely off the grid. They have no electricity, running water or health post, but they do have an awful lot of mangoes. In fact, every time a ripe mango falls from the trees, you hear a thud, “DOGE!” and then everyone in village runs to see who gets to eat the ripe mango.

Project Description: 

Cawral, the woman’s group in Yero Diao, established a community garden a few years back.  This garden gives local women income needed to buy new clothes and send their kids to school and allows them to increase the overall nutritional levels in their households.  There is one rather large and deep well in the garden, from which mostly young women pull water. Providing this village with a rope pump will make pulling water more efficient. It will increase the amount of water they can pull in a given amount of time allowing them to focus more energy tending to their plants and increasing overall yields.

Project Impact: The 37 members of the women’s group will directly benefit from this pump along with all of those who use the pump for daily water access- showers, drinking, and cooking. When we asked Demba Balde, the Mayor of the village, how many people he thought would benefit from the installation of the rope pump he said, “I think the whole town will benefit.”


Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project: Marcie Todd

Dollar Amount of the Project: $100.00

Donations Collected to Date: $100.00 FULLY FUNDED!

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