#4 Samba Thika, Community Well

Location: Samba Thika, Kolda, Senegal

Community Description: Samba Thika is one in a cluster of 3 small villages. There are less than 100 people living here about 23k North of Kolda.  The terrain is hilly and serene though it lacks vegetation, there is something magical about the village itself. Its somewhat of an oasis in a vast expanse of tall brush and when you step into the village perimeter you feel at least 5 degrees cooler from the shear amount of trees the village has planted. As is the case with most Pulaar villages in Senegal, their primary sources of income are agriculture and raising cows. They grow veggies in the wet season, pick mangoes in the dry season and raise cows for yogurt and milk all year around.

Half of Samba Thika is one family. The family compound has 46 members most of which are children. The new Mayor of the village, Samba Balde, is highly motivated and is helping the women of Samba Thika start a community garden and searching for funds to build a health post in town.

Project Description: 

The plan for the pump in Samba Thika is slightly different. First off, the well is square and the walls are narrow, which may prove to be a small issue for the mason. Also, it is interesting in its placement. We have decided to place this pump in an individuals house and not in a group space. This may seem a bit odd, but this one house makes up more than half of the members of the village and of the 2 wells in village, this one is the cleanest.

Project Impact: Everyone in town will benefit from the installation, as they all use the compound’s well for drinking water- 98 people.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project: Marcie Todd

Dollar Amount of the Project: $100.00

Donations Collected to Date: $100.00 FULLY FUNDED!

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