Tobugol [tōb- Ū- gŭl]- to rain.

Though tobugol’s meaning is translated to, to rain; to rain and tobugol are not synonyms. To rain is a complete understatement. It is more like Allah himself is directing hundreds of hands to pump a synchronized symphony of hundreds of wells onto the Koldan land and once the rain has stopped you’re left feeling like the last cheerio in the bowl; soggy and surrounded by liquid.

Tobugol is incapacitating. When tobugol arrives everyone rushes to the nearest covered space and waits it out. One can wait for minutes or at its worst a full day. Tobugol has pushed us back a bit for the completion of pump #4 Saare Samba Thika. Rainy season is now upon us; we are going to need to be more prepared, have more materials on hand and have more open schedules in order to be ready to go when it’s sunny.

Pump #4 Saare Samba Thika to be continued…

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