#6 Asset, Community Garden

Community Description:

Asset means Saturday in Pulaar. We asked if the village was created on a Saturday, but only got laughs. Saare Asset is the second pump site in the cluster of small villages surrounding Saare Samba Thika. Saare Asset is slightly larger than the others with a total of 152 community members. The 68 women of this village work on a 2 hectare community garden where they grow immaculate okra, hibiscus, and hot peppers. They spend the early morning hours watering their garden, come home to cook lunch and after start the watering process all over again.

Saare Asset and Saare Samba Thika are within walking distance from each other and in many ways apart of the same big family. The two villages intermarry, adopt each others farming and cow raising techniques and sometimes even have community meetings together. Though they seem similar in many ways the culture of Saare Asset is slightly different.

Saare Asset has a good amount of boys who go into Kolda to study during the year, come back to work for summer break and be with their families for Ramadan. This, among other things, seem to make community motivation slightly stronger.

Project Description: 

Saare Asset is genius when it comes to using their resources. They have two pulley systems set up that have a bucket attached to each end of the rope. When they are emptying one bucket simultaneously the second bucket is filling; this cuts the onerous task of pulling water in half. Saare Asset is on the horizon of expanding their garden. They have almost saved enough money to expand their fence and extra hectare and with that in mind the hand pump will help save a lot of time.

Project Impact: The 68 members of the community garden will directly benefit from the pump; indirectly all of their families will benefit as well.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project: Marcie Todd

Dollar Amount of the Project: $100.00

Donations Collected to Date: $100.00 FULLY FUNDED!

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