#7 Keur Andallah Willane, Community Well

Location: Keur Andallah Willane, Fatick, Senegal

Community Description: Keur Andallah is definitely the most remote village I have worked in thus far into our project.  This point was driven home full force as I rode my bike, before sunrise, the 24 kilometers from the main road to Saloum Diane and then another 3 kilometers on sand into the bush to get to Keur Andallah. The remoteness of the village has its benefits though as it is situated right next to a national forest and has a multitude of birds, monkeys, jackals, and other wildlife.  This brings in tourism from Toubacouta and also allows the villagers to supplement their nutrition through occasional hunting.  The village itself is beautiful and, as a result of the sheer number of Mango trees, is considerably cooler than the surrounding fields.  The main crop here is peanuts along with some millet and corn, but the really unique thing about Keur Andallah is that right outside the village is an amazing riverbed area with several pools of water that last year round, even through the dry season.  This allows for intensive gardening activities, which this motivated village takes full advantage of.  In the womens’ garden there are no cement wells, because all the women have to do is dig down about 1 meter before they hit water.   Everyone just digs little wells close to their plots rather than using a single central well. They grow vegetables in the dry season and when the riverbed gets flooded they switch to rice.

Project Description: While pulling water is not a problem out in the gardens, it is an issue in the village where the three community wells are at least 10 meters deep.  We’ve decided to put a pump on the most central and cleanest well, the one from which most people actually drink.  There are often upwards of 15 women standing next to the well waiting to use the one pulley and bucket.  This pump will help to speed up the process and lower the risk of contaminants falling into this primary drinking source.

Project Impact: The 200 people who use this well daily as a drinking source will directly benefit along with anyone staying in the Health hut situated just 10 meters away.

Peace Corps Volunteer’s Directing Project: Garrison Harward and Emily Tran

Dollar Amount of the Project: $100.00

Donations Collected to Date: $100.00 FULLY FUNDED!


About garrisonharward

I am currently working for the US Peace Corps as a Sustainable Agriculture Extension Agent in Senegal. For the next 2 years I will be living in the small village of Dassilame Serere just north of the Gambia. I have no idea what this adventure will bring, but if nothing else it will make for entertaining reading!
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