#10 Saare Gouna, Community Garden

Project Description: 

Saare Gouna is the third and final village in the clump of villages near Saare Samba Thika.  Saare Gouna’s community garden is the most well organized garden I have seen yet. There are 29 women who work in the garden and each one has their own space divided by hundreds of tree branches sown together with prickly bushes. Each woman’s plot is a half a chord, though some of the older women have a bit more space and they grow the veggies of their choosing. Almost every woman grows hibiscus, whose leaves are harvested for sauce and flowers for juice, and okra; the combination is like the tomato basil duo us Americans grow in our back yards.  Saare Gouna has one well maintained and clean located in the middle of their space. Each of the woman pull about 20 buckets of water minimum for their gardens, which becomes very tiresome.  A pump will speed along the process greatly while also saving energy.

Project Impact: The 29 members of the garden will directly benefit from the pump; indirectly all of their families will benefit as well.

Peace Corps Volunteer Directing Project: Marcie Todd

Dollar Amount of the Project: $100.00

Donations Collected to Date: $100.00 FULLY FUNDED

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3 Responses to #10 Saare Gouna, Community Garden

  1. Leah Gilmore says:

    I’m so impressed with your work on putting in pumps for the local villages. I’m also impressed with the hard work that the villagers put in to keep their gardens viable and producing.

    The PCV 52 Pumps in 52 weeks is valuable resource for the people you are serving. Keep up the wonderful work.

    Thank you for keeping all of us back home informed about what you are doing. It is important to us.

    • Thank you very much for your support!

      You are right. Some of the people here really work their hearts out. The women in this village are particularly amazing workers. I was having a tough time keeping up with all of their watering. Look for more pictures soon on our flickr.

  2. Mara H Redden says:

    Hurray Hurray !!!

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