#11 Thiawando, Community Well

Location: Thiawando, Kaolack, Senegal

Community Description: Thiawando is a far cry from the remoteness of Keur Andallah, as it is located just 10k outside of the regional capital, but amazingly it still has many of the same issues.  It is a fairly large community of over 800 people, mostly peanut and millet farmers, but has only two wells with potable water.  Of these two almost everyone in the village uses just one, because it is closer and the water slightly cleaner.  Here we have one of the classic problems that the Senegalese face: just 10k away in Kaolack there is electricity and running water but as soon as you leave the city center there just isn’t the infrastructure or money to continue these amenities to surrounding villages.

Far from a sob story though this village is thriving.  It is a multicultural hub, as many villages in this region are, where almost everyone speaks three languages if not more.  Also many people have jobs in the capital since it is so close, and as a result the village is obviously somewhat more prosperous than most.  The Mosque is beautiful and there is a large storage building for saving the community’s yearly harvest.  Really the only thing holding them back is a lack of access to water.

Project Description: We will be installing a rope pump on the main community well from which most of the 800 residents drink.  This should ease congestion around the well as it speeds up the process of pulling water.  In addition to this the village has expressed interest in starting a community garden next to the well.  With the market being so close this would be a great small business opportunity and would help to increase overall nutrition in the village.

Project Impact: All 800 residents would benefit from the project through either increased speed pulling water, or increased financial security and nutrition from the garden.

Peace Corps Volunteers Directing Project: Garrison Harward and C.J. Pedersen

Dollar Amount of the Project: $100.00

Donations Collected to Date: $100.00 FULLY FUNDED!


About garrisonharward

I am currently working for the US Peace Corps as a Sustainable Agriculture Extension Agent in Senegal. For the next 2 years I will be living in the small village of Dassilame Serere just north of the Gambia. I have no idea what this adventure will bring, but if nothing else it will make for entertaining reading!
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