5 Pumps in 5 Days!

As we’ve said and you’ve all seen, we’ve had some trouble lately keeping to our schedule of installing one pump every week.  Naturally the mature and measured thing to do in this situation is to say to heck with the schedule and install pumps at whatever pace we want and can sustain… like for example one pump every day!  Yes that’s right, this week we’re coming together in Garrison’s neck of the woods (if only there were woods here) to knock out 5 pumps in 5 days.  This may sound counter intuitive, but this should actually be easier than installing one pump each week.  By installing 5 pumps at once we can buy materials in bulk, which saves time and money, and cut down on prep time by making all the necessary pump accoutrement all at once.  For example gaze upon the beautiful guide boxes Garrison put together this past week.  By making them all at once he actually got better at doing them as he went, and at the end only had to mix up one batch of cement.  Anyways we won’t belabor this point too much as we’re sure the concept of increasing efficiency this way is nothing new.  Stay tuned though as we’ve got 5 pumps coming your way and no waiting list for adoption.  We’ll also post at the end of the week about some experiments we’re running.  So for those of you who are more science minded (but not too science minded to be bored by our basic methods) stay tuned.  Thanks as always for all the support!

P.S. Those with keen observation skills probably noticed that there are six guide boxes for 5 pumps.  These and other mysteries will be revealed soon 🙂


About garrisonharward

I am currently working for the US Peace Corps as a Sustainable Agriculture Extension Agent in Senegal. For the next 2 years I will be living in the small village of Dassilame Serere just north of the Gambia. I have no idea what this adventure will bring, but if nothing else it will make for entertaining reading!
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3 Responses to 5 Pumps in 5 Days!

  1. Leah Gilmore says:

    Hi Garrison,
    I love a good mystery. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  2. Dad says:

    They look like Swiss Alpinhorns! Cool. Nice work.

  3. Mara H Redden says:

    Hurray Garrison and Team Garrison !!!
    You are all Wonders !!!

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