#12 Dantaxoune, Primary School Garden

Community Description: Dantaxoune is a small village outside of Sokone, which is home to the only primary school for 4 villages. There were, as of 2009, 99 female students and 94 male ones. The school is special in its function, as it also acts as an economic center. They raise chickens and buy millet when the price is low, to sell when the price is high. This builds a sense in the students and parents alike that going to school will lead to economic success.

In 2008 Association Sine Salome installed a very large, steel pump that could work for adults with large muscles, but the primary students had a hard time turning the wheel. They also installed fencing and a water basin for a school garden to increase the schools economic potential.

In 2009 Peace Corps Volunteer Jessica O’Haren was contacted to help the school with tree pepinaires and at the end of her service she introduced Joey, the current volunteer, to Thiam and Diouff.

Thiam teaches Arabic, Diouff teaches French and they both have a passion for the success of the school garden. Teachers in Senegal, as in many places, are not paid adequately and supplies for school are nil. The money made from the garden along with the other agricultural economic activities help to supplement the costs for materials and payment to the teachers. The garden also provides supplements to the schools lunch plan instituted by the World Food Program, which feeds kids that come from the further villages. When Joey came to help, he quickly realized the lack of water was hindering their economic success and possible yields in the garden.

Project Description: When Joey came the garden was almost exclusively growing okra and bissap. Okra and bissap are like tomatoes and basil in the United States; everyone grows them.  Last school season they started working on a more varied veggie garden, but had a hard time watering. They are now, pulling water from a well without a pulley located 30 meters away, which is similarly as hard as the massive steel pump for the smaller students. Also, it is preventing the students from wanting to water everyday, leaving the plants water starved.

The installation of the water pump will alleviate many of the water issues and make caring for the garden much easier. In turn, it will provide the school food program with more supplemental food as well as money for materials and teacher-pay.

Peace Corps Volunteers Directing Project:Garrison Harward, Marcie Todd and Joey Johnston

Dollar Amount of the Project: $100.00

Donations Collected to Date: $100.00 FULLY FUNDED!

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