#20 Saare Dagua, Completion

This install had the same slight problem as #19 with our experimental turn block system but aside from that everything went very smoothly.  We made the cap and told the village that by the time we came back everything needed to be cleaned out of the bottom of the well.  Occasionally buckets or sticks will fall down and these can get tangled with the rope so they must be removed before the pump can be mounted.  Anyways when we got back this wasn’t done yet so we told the village we couldn’t do the pump.  They immediately sprang into action rigging up a harness and sending a kid down to clean out everything.  Don’t worry he was fine.  Just like I said everything went smoothly.

With the well cleaned out we mounted the pump and installed the pipe and turn block.  Then it was time to turn the wheel, the moment of truth.  This is always a little bit nerve racking even after so many installs and more so now after our last experiment failure.  This time though it worked perfectly!

The kids all crowded around and immediately started drinking the water and showering underneath the spout.  Its always fun to see them play in the water that’s normally such a rare commodity which is strenuous to pull up and thus never wasted on games.  Of course games are just the beginning of the benefits here as the whole village is thankful for the ease with which they can now pull water.  Surely the cows are less thirsty too!

Pump Output: 38 Liters/ Min

Total Number of People Benefiting: 340 People

Funder: Vicki Ringer


About garrisonharward

I am currently working for the US Peace Corps as a Sustainable Agriculture Extension Agent in Senegal. For the next 2 years I will be living in the small village of Dassilame Serere just north of the Gambia. I have no idea what this adventure will bring, but if nothing else it will make for entertaining reading!
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One Response to #20 Saare Dagua, Completion

  1. Leah Gilmore says:

    I’m impressed with your progress. 20 pumps is a milestone. Good luck on the rest of your project.

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