#21 Sincan Samba Koulibaly, Completion

Mohamadou is a different type of man. He is a combination of western and traditional with a focus on economic conservatism. He came from back home from Spain when the economy got bad and he is now doing the best he can in the Fouladou. He owns a boutique and works in the cotton factory 5 months out of the year.

Mohamadou’s family is composed of himself, 2 wives, one of his wives sick parents, and 7 kids. Aisatou and Sona work hard around the house and take over the boutique when Mohamadou is gone. Aisatou also makes little donuts to sell on the side and they both take care of the garden and the children.

Tasks that seem as though they would be simple tend to take more time and energy than expected. For example making lunch, which for us would take 15 minutes maximum takes 4 hours here. There aren’t many refrigerators making it necessary to go to the market each day. In order to get a ride in to town one must wait at a taxi garage until a car is filled and only then will it drive into town. Once one has returned from the market, it is time to start a fire. One must gather the wood and pull water for food preparation.

This is the prime example as to why installing pumps makes peoples lives a bit easier. It makes one aspect of live a little simpler leaving more time and energy for the areas that require it.

Pump Output:  41 Liters/ Min

Total Number of People Benefiting:  14 Men, Women, and Children-Directly

Funder: Katherine and Kevin White

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