#22 Thiewol Lao, Master Farm

Location: Thiewol Lao, Kolda, Senegal

Community Description: Off of a dusty dirt road an hour and a half from the city is a bustling small own called Thiewol Lao. From the outset one may not think anything special of the place, but once one mounts the hill they see nothing but green on either side on the decline. This is a feat in the hot season months.

Thiewol Lao is one of the 4 Master Farmer sites in Kolda. A master farmer receives instruction, funding, and ongoing support from Peace Corps Volunteers and Staff to develop one hectare of farmland into a demonstration plot. They display best practices with field crops, gardening, fruit trees, and natural resource management. The manifest success of these combined practices on one farm by an enthusiastic Senegalese farmer create an effective demonstration and inspiration for other farmers to adapt the practices as well.

Gano is a very successful master farmer and has absorbed all of the best practices. Even in the heart of hot season he is out working his garden and has high yields as proof of his success. Though he is the owner of the farm his accomplishments are not solely his own to claim. His wife and children work just as hard and when one watches their work there is nothing to feel but hope for the future. Those in Thiewol Lao speak highly of Gano and what they have learned from his training days. Many of the women now use compost in their own gardens.

Project Description: We are installing a rope pump on one of the wells at the demonstration site. The well connects to 3 basins via pvc pipe. There is a small basin attached to the well where one drains water that then flows to the other 3 basins. The water pump should make the basins fill a bit faster with less effort.

Project Impact: 12 Men, Women and Children

Peace Corps Volunteers Directing Project: Marcie Todd, Mary Cadwallender and David Gloveski

Dollar Amount of Project: $150.00

Donations Collected to Date: $150.00 Fully Funded!

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