#23 Nema Bah, Pump Repair

Location: Nema Bah, Fatick, Senegal

Community Description: Nema Bah is a medium sized village of about 800 people.  Their main source of income comes from agriculture but is also subsidized by fishing and family members working in larger cities.  Situated right on the Delta the village is beautiful, surrounded by mangroves and with lots dedicated and hard working farmers who are making great progress towards improving their lives.

There are three separate community gardens just outside the village as most people garden here.  Even before Peace Corps came to this site they had already started utilizing many of the improved techniques that we teach such as composting, mulching for water conservations, and using organic natural solutions for pest management.  They’re seriously innovative!

We first came to this village a year and a half ago when we were first developing our improved rope pump system.  They have 6 rope pumps in this space installed by the NGO that founded the group.  They work pretty well but they’re very bulky and not easily repaired.

Project Description: Like every piece of equipment these pumps eventually developed problems and because they weren’t easy to fix they ended up just sitting there becoming increasingly less functional until they stopped working all together.  The last time we went to the village the president of the group brought this up to us and asked if there was anything we could do to help.  They didn’t even bat an eye when we said they would have to raise money for part of the repairs, they just wanted to get it done.

The plan here is to take the three broken pumps and replace all of their of their respective broken parts and tune them up until they work again.  We will also connect the group to our pump producer in Toubacouta so if they have any future problems they can fix them on their own.  This is the link that was previously missing.  Its not enough to just give someone a fancy piece of equipment, they need to have a way to maintain it in order for it to really be useful in the long run.

Project Impact: 75 Women and girls who work in the garden will benefit from these pumps.

Peace Corps Volunteers Directing Project: Garrison Harward and Erica Berlin

Dollar Amount of Project: $150.00

Donations Collected to Date: $150.00 Fully Funded!


About garrisonharward

I am currently working for the US Peace Corps as a Sustainable Agriculture Extension Agent in Senegal. For the next 2 years I will be living in the small village of Dassilame Serere just north of the Gambia. I have no idea what this adventure will bring, but if nothing else it will make for entertaining reading!
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