#27 Sare Samba Diaba, Community Well

Location: Samba Diaba, Kolda, Senegal

Community Description: Sare Samba Diaba is a small village located east of Kolda near the miniature airport. It is lush and full of rich soil. The village loves fruit trees and farms corn, millet, and sorghum during the rainy season. There are very few working and potable wells in town so many members of the community come to the chief’s well for their water needs.

Samba Diaba is home to about 250 people that the chief says is his job to take care of. This year he has over 1000 trees in nursery and plan more for the coming year. His master plan is to add a live fence to all of the compounds that near the main dirt road in hopes to prevent the massive erosion that runs away every water season. This year the rains have destroyed two cornfields and collapsed one well this year already.

Despite the erosion, most people are thankful for the water because it means this year’s harvest will be big. Last year the rain started late and ended early leaving many families without food this year, so the rain is a blessing.

Project Description: The chief’s well is weakly reinforced with a small layer or cement and mud bricks. They use a rubber bag with lots of holes to collect water so that by the time the water rises 17 meters to the top there is hardly any water in it and human energy gets wasted. We will be reinforcing the well walls and then installing the rope pump in the normal fashion.

Project Impact: 82 Men, Women, and Children

Peace Corps Volunteers Directing Project: Adrian Martinez and Marcie Todd

Dollar Amount of Project: $150.00

Donations Collected to Date: $0.00

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