#27 Sare Samba Diaba, Completion

When one pulls water traditionally, one grabs the bucket, usually off of the ground, drops the rope into the well and then flips the bucket upside down and drops it in following the rope. The bucket hits the water and one hears a hollow gulp and then begins to pull the bucket back up. One grabs and pulls one hand and then the other until the bucket gets to the top where one usually sticks one hand in the water a bit and pours it into another bucket for use.

This is an extremely unsanitary process. The well bucket that is usually stored on the ground sits on cement or dirt on which people have walked, goats have pooped, and kids have played. That bucket then gets sent to the well. Each time someone touches the rope the germs sit and fester on the wet rope, which also gets tossed into the well. No one washes their hands before collecting water. 

With the rope pump system we are cutting out all of the hand to rope contact as well as the dirty bucket carrying vectors of disease. Turing the crank pulls the water, which goes into a bucket that never enters the well.  The Erobon rope pump system is perfect for keeping wells clean and humans disease free!

Pump Output:  32 Liters/ Min

Total Number of People Benefiting: 82 men, women, and children directly


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