#28 Sare Salamata, Completion

The Salemata pump installation was supposed to be the second of the day, but turned out to be the only. The night before the installation, in a fluke accident I dropped my phone in the toilet and could not contact the team or Missy (the volunteer in Salamata). When I woke up I knew the day would be a difficult one, just based on communication and my missing phone. Everyone in the installation team planned to start the day at 8am so that we could get the work done by 6pm, but when we arrived at the meeting spot we found the car to be in disarray. The hood was up, the engine was smoking, the battery was oozing a silvery white substance and the driver was nowhere to be found. I instantly thought our plans were shot, but then the driver appeared with a small car and a rope ready to tow the big truck to the mechanic. Once again, I did not think there would be a possibility for this tiny car to tow the big truck, but it worked. Senegal is consistently amazing.

An hour later the truck was moving and the team was in high spirits. I still had no way of contacting Missy, therefore I was a bit worried that we would arrive and not find Omar Mballo, the Master Farmer. When we reached the house Omar and Missy were waiting for us, they got in the car and we road to the farm site.

From there everything went smoothly. We joked and laughed. The mood was lovely despite the hot sun and in an hours time the pump was up and running.

By the time we got back into the car to head home everyone was incredibly tired and 5 minutes into the ride I looked around to see the closed eyes of all the technicians.

Pump Output:  39 Liters/ Min

Total Number of People Benefiting: This pump will directly benefit 11 people working on the Master Farm and the family of the farmer and will indirectly benefit those who come for garden trainings.


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