#28 Sare Salamata, Master Farm

Location: Salamata, Kolda, Senegal

Community Description:  13 k from Kolda along the main pothole filled road into town lies the larger village of Salemata. There are approximately 1200 people who live in this highly communicative place. Salamata has a huge amount of women’s groups, youth groups, associations and garden groups, most of which host weekly meetings. The town itself is highly organized with soap making projects, beautiful dry season river gardens, wet season field crops, and educational projects.

This year one of the women’s groups will be working in the Master Farm producing dry season veggies and selling them in the market in Kolda. Being so close to Kolda, Salamata is in a great location to make good money for their crops and labor. As the basic market system goes, foods is more expensive in cities. Many men from Salamata also do day work as drivers and go back to their villages at night.

Saku Omar Mballo owns the Master Farm and acts as the president of the health post. He is a very motivated man with a lot of energy. Though he is not the mayor, when walking about town with him by one’s side, one is aware of his social and political reach. Everyone in town greets him as they pass and ask him questions about his garden or the health post. They ask about his family and health as he returns the greetings, asking more intimate questions about someone’s sick grandmother or someone’s recent trip to Kolda.

Project Description: The Master Farm is home to improved garden techniques and demonstrations for the average farmer. The demonstrations are usually quick and simple ways to increase one’s crop yields, keep bugs out, and improve one’s soil. The pump for this Master Farm will help with watering in the dry season and demonstrate a locally made appropriate technology.

Project Impact: 11 men, woman, and children directly though being at a training site the indirectly affected amount of people increases drastically.

Peace Corps Volunteers Directing Project: Missy Ore and Marcie Todd

Dollar Amount of Project: $150.00

Donations Collected to Date: $0.00

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