Dear 52 Pumps in 52 Weeks Supporters,

The word success starts leading and tempting, moves to the harsher K, and is instantly comforted and lulled to the end. Phonetically the dictionary spells it as such: sək’ses and defines it as “achieving the desired aims.”

The sound of success itself describes the bush-path we’ve taken in completing this pump project. We started excited at the possibilities that could unfold, thinking grandiose with water pumping strong, fast, and clean, mass media and documentaries. We had in our minds fountains and water-parks where villagers could be in clean water bliss, kids could run around in their shorts throwing freshly pumped buckets of water on each other and women would chug down clear water from transparent cups in the sunshine. We made, what we saw at the time to be, a very practical plan to “achieve our desired aims.” Little did we know the harsh abysmal k sound would be the next phase of our journey.

We found ourselves with growing pains as we moved forward. The process to installation was not as streamlined as we had believed and the heavy rains of the season slowed our work. We quickly realized the plan would have to change and our pride would take a back seat if we were going to do this project right. Our hyped-up expectations of success where completely trampled, but sometimes success comes from “rapidly fixing our mistakes rather than getting it right the first time.” Tenaciously, we moved forward with only a small tinge of hope that it would get better, but lo and behold the ses ended the journey with ease and tranquility.

The last 6 months have been incredible for this project. We made friends and found colleagues that were more equipped than we could ever hope to be and they took on some of the pressure we had put on ourselves. The process became more efficient, installing became far more fun, and we felt the support of all our communities be it through the internet, here in the villages, or from Water Charity.

We want to thank you very much for your support and encouragement for the last year. It has been a somewhat sublime road. We indefatigably averaged the installation of one pump every two weeks and went from having a basic understanding of the pump and its intricacies to streamlining the installation process and establishing partners who will continue the job with successful profitable pump businesses. With your help we installed 31 pumps in 22 communities and provided access to clean water for 3,354 people. Without the monetary and moral support you all gave us this would not have been possible. Thank you and thank Water Charity!


Marcie and Garrison

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