#31 Saare Bidji, Completion

Though Saare Bidji has electricity, they have no cell phone service and so we could not call before the installation to let them know of our arrival date. Regardless of whether they were ready or not, we packed-up the car on Wednesday and headed out for the installation. When we arrived the town felt empty. There was hardly anyone to be seen and this usual bustling small town felt like a ghost town. As the team started to get to work I went searching to the President, but instead found his right-hand man Bocar. Bocar informed us that it was the first day of school and that everyone in town had gone to help clean the school up before the start of actual classroom sessions.

Once 11 am rolled around and the installation was mostly done we started to see teachers dressed in slacks and button-up, kids in their best outfits and moms rushing to heat up the morning snack. The air of the town felt uncannily similar to my lower school days. As the kids were walking out of the school compound they rushed over to see our mornings work. A few stuck around as we finished the job and drank the morning ataya. I couldn’t have asked for a better, simpler, lovelier installation for our last pump of the project.

Pump Output:  40 Liters/ Min

Total Number of People Benefiting: Approximately 480 men, women and children


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